Chuck Sullivan

Chuck Sullivan has been playing music since he was 12.  He’s an accomplished drummer, percussionist, teacher, songwriter, engineer and producer.  He has recorded over 30 albums with numerous touring bands including Big Yankee Dollar, Bill Holland and Rent’s Due, Soul Crackers, The Newkeys, and Paper Umbrella.  He’s shared the stage with Nils Lofgren, Bruce Springsteen, Steuart Smith, Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, Jon Carroll, Clarence Clemons, and Joe Walsh, among others — including a command performance at the White house backing up the legendary Chuck Berry and the Grammy-award winning Starland Vocal Band.  He’s performed in numerous Presidential inaugural events.  Sullivan understands performing and life on the road as a musician. 


He’s also written, recorded and published over 50 compositions in various genres, from vocal pop/rock and funk/R&B songs, to instrumental movie soundtracks.  Sullivan has engineered several artists in his recording studio and produced compilation CDs with over 500 artists.  The author has extensive experience in the studio. 


With a BA degree in English and a minor in Music, the author has written short stories and poetry, and published articles in The Washington Post.  Sullivan has also written many liner notes for concert programs as well as worked with several internationally renowned writers and graphic artists such as Richard Harrington, Eve Zibart, Mark Walston, Desson Thomson, and Dick Bangham.


The author is the co-founder of the premier Washington D.C.-based production company BandHouse Gigs.  Over 14 years they have produced 25 sold-out tributes to iconic stars, including Steve Winwood, at Strathmore Hall, Wolf Trap, Rams Head, The Hamilton, and The Fillmore.  Sullivan drums and arranges the percussion section on every show.  BandHouse also produces live multi-track CDs and DVDs of their shows, with Sullivan being the Executive Producer of the CDs as well as coordinating a 4-camera video crew, resulting in spectacular music videos.  Sullivan brings all of his expertise and musical perspectives in writing this book.


While writing the liner notes for the Winwood tribute, Sullivan learned there were only two books written about Steve Winwood and both of them were published in 1989 — no books had been written about his music since then.  It became the author’s quest to assemble all the career highlights in one place and write the definitive book about the remarkable musical journey of Steve Winwood.


The author particularly admires Winwood’s message to focus on music — not pop stardom — and always strive to improve.  This book is a celebration of Winwood’s incredible, ever-evolving musical career.  There is no one like him in the history of pop music!